One approach with a personal touch

The theory of Project, Process, and Lean management is the basis of our approach.
Starting point: do the right things, in a good way.

Every change project is based on specific theoretical (architecture) principles and a proven specialist approach. The identification and management of this theory is the starting point to shape a practical approach to the desired change.

WHAT should be done determines the direction. HOW this can be completed is determined by how we work together (such as behavior). And that makes it fun!

The aim of our network is to have one approach that leaves room to contribute authentically. One approach that provides structure, common language and one way of looking. So we understand each other quickly in different situations and can, without doubt, work together in a proper way. On this basis, the change process can be designed. It is important that all those directly and indirectly involved can make a good personal contribution. 
This way a maximum end result is achieved. And that gives energy!

We therefore work with an approach that provides structure in a group to achieve the objective, yet also allows room for the group to choose their own appropriate interpretation how to achieve this result. In the book titled 'Grip op processen in organisaties' (a Dutch book by Gerrit-Jan Obers and Ko Achterberg) explain a useful approach. This helps us as a network to ensure interoperability and to come with all those involved in an authentic way to a targeted approach in different situations.