About Fente Consulting

Fente Consulting is the result of collaboration between several experienced consultants in the field of organizational change.

This is a group of professionals who can work independently on projects, but above all see the value in a good collaboration. This collaboration has led to the Fente Consulting Network. This way it is possible to join forces in a network to support our customers better. If necessary, for each specific situation experts quickly switch with each other to achieve an optimal solution, of course in consultation with the client.

Additionally, the collaboration and working together in a network provides the ability to develop continuously in various fields represented in the network. For our customers, this is not only a guarantee that we deliver quality again and again, but also an opportunity to join. For example, when a specific subject is discussed, or when an assignment that we carry out at the customer is presented by the customer to discuss the network.

To get to know each other better, feel free to contact us.